Reverend Kathy Kiuna of JCC Opens Up on Why She Hid Her First Pregnancy

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Reverend Kathy Kiuna is a the founder of Jubilee Christian Church together with her husband Allan Kiuna. In a recent interview Kathy revealed that she hid her first pregnancy from her mother for six months. She did this by wearing clothes that hid the bump.

According to Kathy, she was rebellious and a party animal and the reason for hiding the pregnancy was because she was afraid of her parents and their reaction. However after her parents learning of the pregnancy they encouraged her to keep it, saying there are people looking for children.

According to the Star, Kathy confirmed that she met and fell in love with someone and got a child at the age of 21 years this was before she got born again. She also said that she had a friend who always encouraged her to give her life to Christ which she did. Her parents did not however believe she would manage. At 22 years Kathy got born again and broke up with her then boyfriend.

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