Habits in Women That Makes men Lose Interest in a Relationship.

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Have you thought why people who once were burning with passion for each other begins loosing interest in the affair. Here are some of the habits portrayed by women that makes men lose interest in a relationship.

Women being materialistic.

These are the kind of women who are obsessed with material things.

Women being over dependent.

These are the category of women who can not face their problems without being a burden to a man.

Women who always speak negative about men.

They say that all men are equal and the same. This is as a result of the wounds they suffered from past relationships.

Women with loud emotions.

These are women who can not control their emotions. They express their feelings to a man when the relationship is still carefree.

Women who does not match your effort.

The man expects a woman's effort to match his effort. This means that a woman is expected to give back even though if not in equal value but in a significant count

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