The Real Truth Behind Wrestling And Why It Is Fake

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The World Wrestling Entertainment is one of the world's biggest and richest companies with millions and millions of fans allover the world. It is normally shortened as WWE and it's a professional kind of game in the US that is meant to entertain fans allover the world.

This great company was founded in the year 1980 and on the 21st of February and The CEO Vince McMahon is one of the key founders of this entertainment company together with his wife Linda McMahon. As of the reports released in 2020, the company's net worth still stands at $ 5.71 billion and still counting.

For many years, there have been speculations and questions raised as to whether the stunts done in some of the wresting matches are real or just meant for entertainment purposes. Ever understood whether or not WWE is a fake sport or a real one? This is a question that many have been asking themselves for years and over the recent years, people are beginning to discover the truth for themselves with regard to how real wrestling is.

To answer and bring satisfaction to anyone reading this article and needs and an answer, then you should know That, WWE is an entertaining sport and there is nothing real about all the stunts that we get to see in the ring.

How do they get winners?

According to WWE rules and standards, it is founder and CEO Vince McMahon who gets to decide the person who wins any match. He works closely with the script writers who ensure that whatever he decides is the exact thing that happens in the ring.

The agents also works very well to ensure the matches are properly fixed to ensure everything makes a lot of sense. Another thing you should know however is that despite the fact that the winner is known and it's already in the script, nobody knows how the winner will win and that is why they are specially trained for that very purpose.

Are there any injuries during matches?

One question that most people probably ask is about injuries. We often get to see injuries sometimes in some matches and there is nothing fake about the injuries. Even though the wrestlers don't intentionally hurt each other, accidents do happen and in some cases a knee may be broken or any other injury in any way.

Despite the fact that all things are scripted, there are times when things go out of hand and as a matter of fact the most memorable moments in history of the WWE are those moments that were not scripted. According to reports, most of the scripts in the WWE are written by Bryan Danielson together with other staff members in the writing team.

What of steel chairs?

Am sure you have seen those moments when an opponent had to be hit by a steel chair and you keep wondering whether it hurts. Anything that is steel like landing in your body will definitely hurt and that's a fact. The wrestlers have however been trained to do it in a manner that the opponent will not be hurt. The only thing that was banned by Vince McMahon was using the steel chairs to hit the head because it would more often than not lead to serious concussions.

The fact that the matches are scripted does not out rightly mean they are totally fake, some of the stunts are real and the only difference is that the people involved have been well trained for that kind of thing.

You will find great enemies suddenly being kept in the same team for a match and all that is to show you that it's a scripted thing.

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