We’d Rather Lose Our Goods Than Transport Them To The South’ —Northern Traders Insist


The Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AUFCDN) says it prefers that farm produce goes to waste rather than tolerate continued attacks on its members in the South, TheCable reports.

Awwalu Aliyu, an official of the union in Kano on Tuesday said the decision not to supply food to the South was not to starve southerners but to protest against attacks on their people.

"We prefer and our people will prefer to lose those farm items or goods than to continue losing their lives. If you are alive, you can plant another thing, you can rear another cattle. But if you’re dead, you can’t do that again. Only the living can go to the farm.

“We do not want to destroy anybody. We do not want to kill anybody. The number of Yorubas and Ibos that reside in Kano and Kaduna alone is far more than the number of northerners in the entire South-West, South-South and South-East.

“Also, the investments of Yorubas and Igbos in Kano and Kaduna, running into billions of naira are more than the entire investments of northerners in the South-West, South-East and South-South if you remove Aliko Dangote. Our people are only petty traders, 'shoe shiners' (cobblers), fingernail cutters, wheelbarrow pushers, okada riders and so on.

“Our people in the South don’t have what southerners have in the North. They have farmlands, buildings and a lot of properties that run into billions of naira. We do not intend to touch a needle out of it.

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Digital Slim Chik@slimchik123

Penny wise Pounds Foolish, Let them continue bro block food from entering the South. They will be the one to lose


We no de chop tomatoes, no be them get yam, no be them get potatoes, so I don’t know what they want to hold back. Will they force the middle belt to join them? They cannot

Zainul-Abideen Ya'u@abideenyau

Pls let's us not support them in destroying our country. The sponsors of this insecurity facing our country are their united irrespective of their religion or tribes but we the masses and victims of this conflict are here hating our selves.

@Emphile official@7791c8ffee08465

Tell them to keep their food stuff over there. Person where live go chop food. They want us to allow them to bring their cartel to south, and then start killing our people. Never again.


Bragging cannot save the situation. I am aware that u cannot destroy me & goods that I brought to u for sale & expect me to come back next time. But let peace reign


When we say the south lack leadership the idiots gullible people we talk nonsense, the people we laugh at, for their illiteracy dictating if we eat food or not. If it’s to kill innocent people, Wike will come our first.


Maazi Ifeanyi tomatoes farm loading...

Mama Chioma onions farm loading...

Ononenyi & Sons cattle ranch loading...

Mtchew, O chegbuo Beati

Oduduwa Nation@FireFox31300347

Please keep your food Shallow pan of food and your cow Cow, leave south alone and form your own country, no southerners can live with darkness call Northern Nigeria

Bobo Heart suit@Aunveel

I think in time the prices of food stuffs will sky rocket in Lagos, maybe for now there is still reserves so its not bn felt yet.. every side shld find a way to resolve this

Chief Augustine@auskenfine

A responsive government ministry especially agriculture and Interior supposed to have mediated into this affair. This country is just moving according to the Ocean tides. No direction at all. Everyone wakes up to behave as they wish. What are the various ministries doing?

Dammyblaq Frame with picture@sonubi_damilolala

I wonder why Fulani herdsmen are still roaming around in South West. They should all go to their states na.


Please have you ever been to North if that shit start today we tht lose in term of investment

Akinwale Oluwaseyi@Kloplex

Pests and diseases doing press-up and rehearsal on how to infest after mass spoilage of agricultural produce. Ignorance truely is a disease

K. BÁBÁ@KayAjani3

Na una go suffer am pass, let's wait and see. Na person wey no get money fit suffer. Whereas oil money dey South!

VICTORIOUS King with an invisibleCrown

But we are not hungry in the SOUTH, Northerners please come chop, food dey south yanfu yanfu

Adewale Bankole@waleBankole

I will advice the northern food traders need to understand Trade Fundamentals -Demand & Supply. They aren't benevolence to anyone, they farm and supply food to survive - for their own interest! I mean for their own survival self interest


Arewa people should ask Ghanaian, Togoles, and Cotonu people what happened to them when Buhari closed southern border. I ve said it b4 border closure isn't for benefit of all Nigerians but for Arewa people. Remove southern Nigeria from Africa economy, China sef go feel am I swr

Jamiu Idowu Esho@JamiuEsho

Lol, a decision that has already backfired. A business owner should never take the risk of fighting his biggest market. The one with the purchasing power will always win

falodu segun david@9millimeterzzz

Let the Blockage continue plsFolded hands...

I just got something from the a food Vendor, better be more expensive than spoil our farms, kill & kidnapped{youth & Old}.

If that’s how Cattle rampantly destroy farms in the north, will you people have crops to transport to the south...!!

Apostle Arinze Nonso@ApostleNonso

We survived boarder closure. My people survived three years of worse situation between 1967-70. We've seen the worse. Nothing like This scares us. But let's see how you can cope when the farm produce all perish

CrownDynamic_Krezma KhazeemFlag ofUzbekistan

Please almighty God strength the northerners with food blockade so that @BiafraExist

and @oduduwaStand will fast come out.... Southwest and East go back to your rural town and villages stop city lifestyle always!!!!

Akujobi kelechi@kelechi_kech

I thought @MBuhari, closed the borders on those countries you people intend to go and sell your perishable goods to? Continue your strike/blockade it is a welcomed development.


You are not aware that the borders were opened?

Abbakar D Umar@AbbakarDUmar1

Kudos that finally they have made manifest the stance toward the situation. Lay hands upon them or any of their good against and face the famine greater in worst than this.

Akujobi kelechi@kelechi_kech

Which famine , did any body tell you that he/she is hungry ? Lols continue deceiving yourself and please continue the blockade we don't mind it.

Samuel Abimbola@Bimbsreal

Fulanis who have nothing to lose are deciding for indigenous northerners who knows the values of things


Its lack of wisdom for the Hausas

Ituma Ejike@ituma01

Pls keep the food for all we care. I follow whoever like the post. Make sure you follow back. #Dat d rules

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