"Mama Kai Ameweza" Kenyans React on Nadia Mukami's Outfit During Her Meru show. (Video).

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Nadia Mukami has caused stir online again after sharing a video of her outfit during her Meru special show that happened yesterday night. Nadia Mukami showed up in a very amazing outfit that showed her curves. The outfit was inspired by the best designer in Nairobi Melina Gold.

Here is the link to the full video on Instagram.


Here are the photos of Nadia Mukami's dope outfit during her special meru concert.

Her dress code has attracted mixed reactions from online netizens and especially Instagram.

Here are the screenshots of some of the comments from the Instagram netizens.

Nadia Mukami is just fresh from giving birth and that is why her body has some changes like you can see the tummy has somehow increased and it is a normal thing for everyone who has given birth. The dress code was dope amazing and indeed she was the queen of the night.


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