Slippers To Work, Trevor Ombija Anchors News in Slippers

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In a move to decongest the work place some of the Citizen TV anchors have been bringing us the news from the comfort of their homes. The move was necessitated with the rising number of COVID- 19 cases that included some of the Royal media employees.

On Monday during his Monday report program in which he was hosting the cabinet secretary for trade Betty Main a, Trevor who was working from his lavish apartment was however not in the full attire he normally has when working from the Royal media studios.

After the show the talented news anchor signed off, picking his laptop and proceeded to go up the staircase. As he ascended the staircase one could not help but notice he wasn't wearing shoes but socks and bathing slippers.

It's not however a new thing to find people working from home doing it in freestyle mode. Ever since COVID-19 struck, clips of people who were attending meetings from home via zoom were being shared on social media to show just how free people are while working from home.

Trevor happens to have a lavish home that he even got a compliment from the CS of Trade Betty Maina.

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