Crackdown on Plagiarism: Accounts will be banned if caught stealing articles from other websites


Over time, Opera News-Hub has been committed to providing users with healthy, original, and diverse content. 

As our community grows, we need to ensure that we grow together as one clean and healthy community that values originality and discourages copyright infringement.

In response to most of our third-party publishers and owners of other tabloids who send in complaints, which in most cases is followed by lawsuits for severe plagiarism of their articles/contents, we have conducted investigations on accounts that violate our rules and regulations such as picking and publishing articles word-for-word from other websites as theirs. An example of such a website is, which has its articles mostly plagiarized by authors on the Hub.

Note that going forward, if your account is found wanting, you risk getting your account terminated and all earnings will automatically be forfeited.

This also extends to authors who plagiarize each other by sending in articles published by their fellow authors on the Hub.

To reduce "plagiarism" to the barest minimum, authors need to have a proper understanding of the definition and review specifications of plagiarized content on the Opera News Hub platform.


Opera News Team.

Opera News Olist