Why You Should Avoid Sleeping With Your Right Side


Sleeping is as important as any other activity that takes place in the human being in which everybody in this glob must spent some time so as to sleep. Even though everybody sleeps, its not that everyone gets the full benefits for sleeping and this is determined by the positioning and the sleeping style that one applies. Most people while sleeping, position themselves in a manner that gets them feel comfortable in the expense of health activities that place while one is sleeping.

However, there are four common ways of sleeping that include; side sleeping (left side and right side), back sleeping and stomach sleeping but the sleeping position matters a lot especially when it comes to the functioning of a human heart. Scientifically one is advised to preferably use the Left side positioning for it more advantages to the body functioning other that the rest of the positions. These benefits are discussed as;

1. Reduces the noisy snoring- There isn't something annoying that sleeping with a snoring person. It is always very disturbing but whoever is snoring definitely doesn't know whether they are making noisy to the neighbor. However sleeping on the left side makes it easy to take control of this.

2.Helps your heart to function well- further benefits of sleeping your left is that it promotes your blood circulation process in the body.

3.Fights the acid reflux- sleeping on your left side helps food contents from the stomach from moving back to the esophagus in what is called acid regurgitation which may cause disease infection.

4.It is comfortable for pregnant ladies- for pregnant ladies, it is a physical benefit to use your left side while sleeping. This is because, while using your right side, the uterus holding the baby will add pressure to the liver which is located on to the right side and this could cause discomfort to the body.

5.Supports the lymph nodes- it could be surprising to realize that your lymph nodes functions better while one is sleeping with the left side. Sleeping with the left helps the body systems to filter liquids easily than using the right side.

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