Facts Of Ryan Mwenda Current Actor Of Zora Known As Simba


Ryan Mwenda is a very talented young man who was born in Nairobi, Kenya. His talent has propelled him to greater heights at such a young age, indicating that he has a promising future ahead of him.

Riara Springs Academy also has Ryan as a student. He first rose to prominence in 2016, when he was allowed to speak in front of the Jubilee party during the unveiling of the Big Four Agendas.

Ryan took a picture of President Uhuru Kenyatta after he finished his speech. He drew the young boy close to him and gave him a soft, fatherly embrace. For some days, the image went viral.

Following that, Daniel Ndambuki, better known as " Churchill, " the president of Kenyan comedy, gave the young boy a platform on his stage, where he entertained the guests on multiple occasions.

Ryan Mwenda has already been featured in the latest ongoing Citizen tv- series Zora at such a young age with a bright future ahead of him. He portrays a spoiled child in this film.

In the film, he co- stars with Sarah Hassa (Zora), a veteran and former Tahidi High actress, and Robert Agengo (Fela), a former Tahidi High actor, as his mother and father, respectively.

Mwenda offered advice on precautionary measures while dressed in Kenyan flag- themed clothing in a witty mix of Swahili, English, and Sheng' in a viral video.

His video on Covid- 19 was widely shared and reposted on social media sites such as Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook, eliciting a wide range of responses, with many people being impressed by the boy' s faith and well- delivered message. This also made ryan to be famous. Quote: Talent is a passion and dream that comes true when you focus on.

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