"Kombe Roho Safi" Charity Ngilu Responds to Sen. Ledama's Accusations


Senator Ledama Olekena had accused Kitui county for taking up business belongings to the pastoral communicates, this message was well captured by the Kitui County boss who has today answered him back.

Senetor Ledama Olekina had said, "Kitui County Government in cows business ...Sasa pastoralist watafanya Kazi Gani ???"

Charity Ngilu, "Bw. Seneta @ledamalekina, Kitui pia kuna wafugaji hodari sana wa ng’ombe na mbuzi. But more importantly our focus is to help the livestock farmer fetch better prices, improve the quality of beef and value addition. Lakini pia compe ni compe roho safi! Ama tumekuja sana? 😁 

The challenge was taken by the Narok senator who had nothing to say, however Netizens have applauded Hon. Ngilu as being a progressive leader in transforming the county. Here is what they had to say;

Collins, "So @ledamalekina wants certain economic activities to be left for some communities even when they are doing nothing about it.....what a shame that an elected leader can reason like Ledama"

Tonny, "Hon. Ngilu you are doing a great job, when you empower the people you strengthen the economy, innovative farming solutions, production and value addition is the way to go, other counties should emulate this and take advantage of their geographical setup to tap the potential"

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