Trevor Manuel Advises The ANC To Urgently Abandon Cadre Deployment

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In local government, many leaders do not qualify for the positions that they have been assigned, and some do not have any qualifications or matric. As a result, the masses have lost faith in the ANC as many people have been complaining about the lack of service delivery, and that qualified people are denied leadership positions.

It has been obvious that cadre deployment has been failing, but the governing party had failed to self-correct. However, former finance minister Trevor Manuel believes that the ANC still has a chance to mend its ways, and has advised the organization to abandon its cadre deployment policy.

This comes after the Zondo Commission report found cadre deployment to be unconstitutional and unlawful.

According to Manuel, the government party has the option to forgive those that have been implemented in the Zondo report after a long prosecution, or it can simply ignore what the report has stated and consider it to be a bad experience and just move on.

He supports Zondo's recommendation that an independent agency should be established, and that cadres should reapply for their positions.

Author's Opinion

Deploying its comrades only on merit meant that the ANC prioritized implementing transformative policies. It also meant that leaders who are assigned to leadership positions deliver services to the people and serve the country to the best of their ability.

The main serious issue of cadre deployment is that people with experience and the necessary qualifications are being sidelined. the time has come for the government to review the policy that has hollowed out the organization and the government of the required skills to lead the country efficiently.

Some leaders are sneaking in unqualified people, who also sneak in more unqualified people. It is a mess. To bring the ANC back to its former glory, cadre deployment must be abandoned.

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