Karim must understand that the travel ban was a good idea in controlling the spread of the virus

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The United Kingdom was the first to close its borders to southern Africans last Thursday, just hours after the Health Department confirmed the new coronavirus variant ~ EWN


I'm going to aay it again, how come South African scientists or virologists are experts in detecting new variants while they can't develop our own vaccines. Is their research focused on spotting variants or developing vaccines? S.A is getting better at shooting its self in the foot, certainly other countries have had these variants first but the either unknowingly or deliberately did not declare them. I’m so bored with how unfair the rest of the world is for shutting their international borders to South Africa, same thing happened to India when the Delta variant was discovered. It’s nothing new the government is responsible for protecting their citizen and their health care system and will shut their international borders, until they have done their own research if their is a need for concernOn discovery of the new variant South Africa acted with integrity and informed the world, for that we are extremely grateful. The UK Gov closed its borders with SA because it was criticised for not doing so quickly enough before, and were overwhelmed by Delta coming from India. In the UK it’s winter, it’s cold, therefore we do not have the luxury of socialising outside in fresh air people are inside all the time, covid has more chance to spread. All I am starting to see is that bit by bit they are trying to take away our freedom and human rights with this alleged pandemic, all part of a much bigger plan that is of course NWO. We either stand up to theses Tyrant governments or soon we will not have any rights left, he acts like he doesn't like what they are doing to south Africa but we know very well, he is part of problem enjoying this part of plan. If this was the case in the beginning with China then we won't be in this situation so the rest of the world, learnt it's lesson and they doing the right thing it's for the best for their country, they let their guard down once so they will never do it again once bitten twice shy, so stop complaining SA. It's not your choice it's the rest of the world putting you on isolationhttps://ewn.co.za/2021/11/29/prof-karim-reacts-to-sa-travel-bans-says-wrong-steps-being-followed

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