After Blessing Killed Her Mother Following Her Pastor's Instruction, Read The Story She Narrated

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Her name is Blessing Jimoh and She's from Ile-Oluji area in Info State. Here is the story of how she killed her mother following her pastor's holy instruction.

The 30-year old mother of four said that he killed her mother because her pastor told her she's a witch and therefore she must kill her. She said her pastor told her that her mother was behind her insanity and an instant solution was needed and he said killing her was the best solution to her problem.

She killed her mother when the two were working at a farm in Ile-Iluji area of Info State.

For some reason she claimed that she's mentally unstable when she took her life. She said it was as if some kind of force was pushing her to end her mother's life after her pastor declared. She also expressed her sadness with what she did.

Blessing said that after appealing to her and there was no change she had to kill her to restore her sanity. She cut off her head with a cutlass.

The question that remain unanswered is "As Blessing's sanity been restored?"

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