Dp Ruto Stamps His Authority In Politics As He Pulls A Huge Crowd In Kalonzo's Backyard (Video)

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Deputy President William Ruto is a politician who never rests in ensuring his political ambition is met. On a daily basis he must be in a rally somewhere or a political meeting. Large crowds have been accompanying him in most of his rallies sending fear to his political enemies. He has successfully employed strategies to ensure a huge number of people turn up for his meetings.

The deputy president has today toured the regions of eastern in Kibwezi to lure his supporters to give him more votes in 2022 elections. This is believed to the backyard of the One Kenya Alliance (OKA) principles Kalonzo Musyoka who is also in the contest for the president in the coming elections.

The deputy president today has gathered a huge crowd from Kibwezi town to spread the gospel of the hustler movement and the bottom up economic model.

Following a today's visit in Emali, in Kibwezi constituency, the deputy president has now put a lot of pressure on his opponents from the region to work extra hard to ensure their votes are not divided.

Do you think DP's visit will give OKA proponents sleepless nights after seeing the gathering that welcomed the second in command n the region?


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