These 3 People Contribute To The Success Of A Student.


What is a student's success? The answer to this question is very broad. But the summarised response to this question is the ability of the student to excel in his or her examinations in order to acquire his stated goals in future.

However, a student can not easily succeed in his school days if these 3 personalities are not part of his or her life. So in this article, we are going to study these people the success of evey student needs.

1. Parents. Parents are no doubt needed in our lives as children. Their presence is a great source of hope in our entire lives. They know the kind of people we are, and know what is best for us. They contribute to our success as far us education is concerned by some basic and parental counselling, providing our basic needs (books, pens, uniforms amongst others), as well as paying our school fees.

2. Teachers. When it comes to a student's success, teachers play an important role. They make sure of counselling, guiding and basically teach the learners. They sometimes perform certain roles as parents which some parents due to certain reasons neglect. They behave and appear as role models to the learners when in school. Some students even go to an extend of emulating the speaking, dressing, walking and almost everything about the teacher. They look up to them and most attimes listen to the advice of their teachers. Some of them are even more close to their teachers than their biological parents. This is obvious that teachers play a sensitve role as far as the success of students is concerned.

3. Student him or herself. The efforts of both the parents and teachers become useless when the student in question does not try his or her possible best to aid himself. The only thing the student can do in this is to attach much seriousness to his or her studies. He or she has to prevent herself from the bad peers who can easily lure them in to acts that can make them for go their books, irrespective of their levels of education. Parents and teachers easily become very happy when they see their wards and students excelling academically. This is how far I see students are part of these people.

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