Funny Pictures And Memes That Will Make You Forget The Stress Of Today


This promises to be a funny and entertaining article, So get ready your popcorn and soft drink for this series of funny pictures and memes that you are about to see.


People who are familiar with this game called Subway surf, will realise that the police who is always in pursuit of the main character in the game is very hardworking and is always ready to catch the player no matter the number of times it is being replayed. That was why he was tagged in the picture as the most hardworking police in the world.


If you are a gamer then you will understand the funny side of this picture. Some people especially most boys love their games so much that they can choose it over their partner. The gaming device in this particular picture is a PS4, no wonder the guy decided to sleep with it on the bed instead of sleeping with his partner.


Most people can relate with the picture above, in a case when you eat a minty gum or lick a minty sweet like tom tom or baba blue and immediately drink water you will feel a cold sensation at the back or your throat. In the picture above the water that the guy drank was a cold one which will make a person mouth feel very very cold.


Gone are those days when our grandfathers and grandmothers use to wear outdated clothes and do outdated things. In this modern days, some old men are ready to do what the young ones are doing. The grandpa in the picture above prove that he can also wear fashionable clothes.


In this days of social medias and facebook status, most people are ready to put out their emotions and feelings at a particular time on their social media page. This particular meme is reminding us to cry using our tissues and not facebook status, which is actually funny if you think of it.


If you are a big time gamer like me, then you must have wondered where the camera is set up when the gun and the hand of the player is being shown during the shooting scenes. In the picture above, this is how some funny minds thinks the camera is being held behind the scenes.


This is one of the movies that most people have seen the thriller of but have not watched because of one reason or the other. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who still hasn't seen spiderman Homecoming.


Have you ever gone to "toast" a girl and she brush you off without giving you much attention? Well if it hasn't happened to you yet, it has happened to a lot of guys. Some men have learnt to say some hurtful words before the girls say anything hurtful to them. Sometimes it is hilarous but at other times it can be disrespectful.


If you can get what the picture above is trying to say, then you should be laughing out loud by now. In a nutshell, the man above is being questioned by the father of the girl that he is dating. He is being asked how much he is making per month and he responded the amount of money he makes including his girlfriend pocket money.


the chat screenshot above is self explanatory. The girl try to push of the boy by saying she has a boyfriend, but when she realised he is rich she tried to twist what she orginally said, but the guy was two steps ahead.

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