Send American Soldiers To Help Tackle the problem of Insecurity in Nigeria - Buhari Begs US Gov't.


The rate of insecurity in Nigeria today is becoming alarming, a country where kidnapping is a legal business where students are been kidnapped in daily business and demand ransom.

Killer herdsmen,Bandits and cults are killing people, destroying life and prosperity both government, religion and private properties.

Series of police stations, government houses have been burnt down by so called unknown gunmen.

There was a recent report of bandit that invaded a community in Katsina state and took the life of many people in the process.

Despite all what is happening, the Nigerian security agencies have tried everything within their power to tackle the insurgency but all to no avail.

In view of this, the Nigerian president Mohammad Buhari is begging the United States government to intervene in the security challenges facing Nigerian today and find a lasting solution to the killings.

Buhari Begs the United States government to please send the American soldiers to help curb the problem of Insecurity in Nigeria according to Sahara Reporters.

The President said Nigeria would enhance collaborations in all forms, with friends and strategic partners, to work together to ensure a nation free of violence.

Nigeria is regarded as the giant of Africa, and her soldiers have helped in peace keeping mission in some African countries but yet want to invite other nation army. My dear readers what is your opinion on this, comments and share to friends so that they will see our own opinion.