What Brymo Should Have Done Instead Of Levelling Such An Allegation Against 2Face Idibia Online

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Recently, Olawale Ashimi who is popularly known as Brymo alleged that Innocent Idibia (2Face) accused him of sleeping with his wife (Annie Idibia).

However, here is one thing Brymo should have done instead of levelling such an allegation against 2Face Idibia online;

Brymo Should have contacted 2Face directly and told him whatever he has on his mind instead of writing such an allegation against 2face Idibia online. The best thing Brymo would have done was to either call 2face on phone or send him a direct message online and tell him those things he ended up writing as an epistle online.

However, 2face Idibia has not made any comment about the what Brymo said and everyone is eager to hear what 2face has to say.

Personally, I feel the internet is not the place to bring certain types of discussions. If you have anything to say to someone, say it to them privately and directly.

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