City of Tshwane has announced its Mayoral Committee : Here is what you need to know

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Randall Williams , who is the Mayor of the City of Tshwane has finally made an announcement of the Mayoral Committee.

It took weeks of deliberations for DA to reach an agreement with six other political parties in order to form a multi-party government that will be in charge in the next five years .

The coalition agreement has now guaranteed them the majority 109 seats .A document with many pages was signed between the parties concerned and it is going to be put in the public domain for people to understand how the arrangement is going to look like .

It was confirmed that the coalition is made of six parties in total .The Mayor said that he expected cooperation from other councillors and that they would be open to working with all the parties . The EFF is not part of the coalition government . The six parties consist of the DA ,ActionSA , VP Plus , IFP ,COPE and ACDP .


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