Meet Boma, The BBN Season 6 Housemate Who Is Said To Look And Dress Like Neo

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The Big Brother Nigeria season 6 reality TV show has just kicked off and housemates have started to introduce themselves. The first housemate that was introduced is identified as Boma. Boma is a 34-year old model that is very cheerful and loud.

Boma is also a Mixologist, actor and masseuse. According to him, he has been modelling for over 10 years now. He got into Mixology when he was living in Europe and he had a severe injury when he was about to sign a contract. Because of this injury, he had to return to New York.

At New York, a friend of his introduced him to events, bartending and mixology to he got acquainted to the occupation. He is an athletic person too because he got the injury from football.

One of the things he hates the most is when people feel as if they know everything. He likes when people admit that they have flaws and can be corrected. After his interview, people started to say he looks a bit like BBN season 4 contestant, Neo Akpofure. Here is the proof of that claim below:

Do they really look alike?

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