Meet Alphonse, The 51-Year-Old Man Who Was Born Without Arms| He Sees No Limitation In Life.


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Alphonse Was Born Without Arms

Hope can be a powerful force. Maybe, there is no actual magic in it but when you know what you can hope for and hold unto it like a light within you, you can make things happen almost like magic. In most cases, the only thing we see in people born disabled is a limitation, however, a person's disability is an opportunity to prove to the world his ability. This article is about the story of a man called Alphonse born without arms but sees many abilities in his disability. Meet the man whose story shocked the world.

Alphonse is a 51-year-old man who was born without arms. To him, this was not the end of the world but an opportunity for him to bring out the good things in him. It also serves as motivation to him to work harder than people with both arms can do. Alphonse has never lost hope because he was born different.

Growing up was very challenging for Alphonse. Seeing people with both arms and being the odd one amongst them made him feel bad. He realized how difficult the world was going to be without arms and could lock himself in the room and cry all day.

As Alphonse grew, he realized he needed to accept who he is and work harder than people who have everything. He taught himself to adapt to living conditions even though he has no arms. He knew that there was a time coming in his life when there would be no other person to help him. There is one thing that Alphonse cannot do, that is, bathing so he seeks help from his neighbours when necessary.

Alphonse says finding a lover has been one of the most challenging things in his life. He says no woman on this planet dares to approach him. He thinks maybe it is because he was born disabled. There was one time that he proposed to a lady, but she declined. This is the reason why Alphonse still lives with his parents at home. He is still looking forward to having a wife and children before he dies.

Alphonse looks after people's cows for money and does little cultivation to serve as his source of food.

According to Alphonse's parents, their son was born disabled, and it took time for him to accept himself. They had to encourage him to be strong because it is one of the usual things. Later, their son started coping with his situation and things started becoming normal. Now, the only problem they have is a woman who will accept their son's disability and spend the rest of her life with him because they want to see their grandchildren.

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