Meet Orunmila Jogbodo, an educated Babalawo who’s a graduate in Ibadan (See Photos)


A young and and educated Babalawo (Native Doctor) identified as Orunmila Jogbodo Oluwo, has had his photos going viral ever since his page was unraveled on Facebook.

According to a Facebook user Adekunle Al Miftau Adeite, who condemned the way Babalawos are being portrayed in Nollywood movies, Oluwo isn't only educated, but a graduate of the University of Ibadan.

He wrote:

Nollywood’s stereotype of Babaláwo may be a dirty raggedy person . Let’s puncture that. This young man isn't just a babaláwo, he’s an Oluwo. Clean. Neat. Educated.

His Facebook page indicated that he studied linguistics at University of Ibadan.

He wrote in one among his posts on the platform:

As an Oluwo, my purpose is to assist people to heal. no matter how difficult or stubborn an individual is. many of us believe that they will outsmart Ifa or the Babalawo.

What they fail to know is that they hurt themselves and their progress. I share this to mention , that each one of you that are working hard to assist people. Don’t get discourage, the broom of Ifa will always sweep away the hypocrites.


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