5 Places In The World You Might Not Know Exist

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The world is a vast place with varieties of beautiful creatures and structures. With the world comprising of more than 5 continents, it is almost impossible to tour round the world. This is why many people might not know that the 5 undermentioned places exist;

5. Apostle Islands Sea Caves, Wisconsin

In the depth of winter ,Wisconsin is home to to dramatic icicles that dangle from red sandstone cliffs. Getting to this island isn't easy, because you have to work on frozen water. 

4.Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China

 It has been made known that Hani villagers in southern Yunnan have farmed these red rice paddies for more than 1300 years. UNESCO was amazed the same way we are and included them to the world heritage list in 2013.

3. Lake retba, Senegal

The lake got it pink colour from Dunaliella salina bacteria. Don't get too excited about swimming in this lake although going for a dip is possible but can't be recommended though.

2. Salt flats, death valley, CaliforniaI

It is a 200-square-mile expanse of salt crystal. It so beautiful that it makes regular appearances in fashion shoots.

1.south China karst, China

It’s the rural China we’ve always thought of: mysterious and mist shrouded. It is about 435,468-acre.

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