"Kweli Raila Ni Baba" Mwalimu Dida Predict What Will Happen in 2022 Lauds Raila Over This Revelation


Raila Odinga is a respected leader not only in Kenya but the rest of Africa. He has been known for his brave move, especially in politics. In 2018, Raila made a historical move which ended up forming an agreement with President Uhuru. Two dual leaders have been fighting for equality among Kenyans.

Yesterday, Kenyans were excited following the judiciary Services Commission verdict. After having a tiresome ten days of vetting CJ candidates, the JSC finally came up with the nominee for Chief Justice Martha Koome. Chief Justice Martha Koome is expected to replace the retired chief justice honorable David Maraga.

Mwalimu Dida has congratulated CJ Martha Koome over her appointment. In his message posted on his official account, Mwalimu Dida equally appreciated the honorable Raila Odinga for coming up with the BBI.

Dida has clearly explained how the children of lesser gods are getting 'appointed'.According to him, 2022 shall be the most interesting year in Kenya's history.

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