Newly Launched Gin and Tonic Easter Egg a Sweet Welcome for Alcohol Lovers

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Have you ever thought of an Easter egg which is infused with gin and tonic. Surely the idea never crossed your mind, but for one creative company it did.

Mark & Spencer , a British retailer has broken the ground in that expect by creating the first known Gin and Tonic Easter Egg. The egg has already hit the British stores and you can also purchase it online via Ocado for £5.

According to The Mirror, the Easter egg is named Gin & Ton-Egg. The egg is made of gin flavoured milk chocolate . Inside expect to find pink gin-flavoured big buttons. When shaken the egg is reported to make an ice cube sound. As you see the package resembles a shaker.

If you happen to be vegan, don't despair cause you are also covered . The company has an option for vegans which is shaped like an egg plant. These eggs will be a hit worldwide as many people will want to get a taste of them.

In this case you are advised not to eat and drive.

Please follow me, Only if You want to do so. Thank You.

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