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Muvenda is loving the time of his lifestyle and he does not want to keep what is good to himself only. His life changed and he wanted someone needs food to visit him from his work place to come and have some lunch. It is amazing when someone has done good for you and when things are going better for you, you get someone who is in need to make your offer.


The lunch meal they have had looks mouthwatering without a doubt, and many other people want to have a bit. If you are much closer to him, especially if you are in Venda, it would be more convenient to visit him at his work. It will be an opportunity to see how he is doing and how far he is going. Muvenda is very authentic in his lifestyle.

He does not have to pretend and that is why many people loves him and want to share with him something that is great. As for the food, it was a great idea to have someone for the lunch and good food has the power to bring people together. He is not going for the recipe that is from outside the country.


The African meals taste very good, so you have to be proud of them. This is the South African culture that people should be proud of when they travel outside the country, as long as they can flex a meal or recipe from Europe. They are doing a great job, and they need a lot of energy to do their work. It would be advisable not to eat cereal for this job.


Mankayi Ayabonga is happy with the pork and says it looks very fresh, but Muvenda says he did not have the pork and it was for his colleagues. It is really nice when they have different meats and you get to choose which one you want or you can have both. Almost having a platter


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