Foreigners Burnt A property Of A South African Man. Are They Retaliating? Opinion

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Two foreign national business owners have been arrested for allegedly burning down an eleven roomed house and three luxurious vehicles at Blinkwster village outside Giyani in Limpopo. They accuse the homestead owner of being behind the killing of one of their own.

What can we say of this? Are foreigners on a verge to retaliate if attacked. Can the blame be brought to dudula operation for taking the law into themselves? Since the launch of the organization many foreigners have died in the hands of communities perpetuated by Dudula mob. A Zimbabwean man was burnt down by a community mob perpetuated by Dudula in Diepsloot.

This burnt down property of a man is indeed a dish best served when it is hot. No foreigners can just attack a property of South African Man without any wrongdoing from the man. Maybe he burned theirs too or he took their property too. If one look at this he just sees a retaliation from those foreigners, they are angry and furious for what happened, but revenge won't do any solution. Sometimes if you see you are not welcome in the area just leave. These foreigners could have just leave and pack. If I see children of the house don't welcome me I will leave. Instead of creating more problems.

I think our government has been lenient in dealing with migration. The other thing that has cause this high migration of foreigners to our country is bribery. Our officials and us South Africans we have sold our business stands or have given them to them to receive rent stipends. If we can come out in numbers and compete with foreigners and established our spaza shops and occupy shops. We will be able to drive out these foreigners!



For Visitors this people have plaka maan. What's rong with our cowntry maybe should be the question? We fought against apartheid now we must fight Against our visitors. When will have peace in our cowntry?

Uthisha Umuhle

Hah! Our former nanny harassed us, accusing us of withholding her passport meantime she had it.

Another mom said her nanny called the cops on her claiming her items were stolen.

The level of confidence SHOCKS me.

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