Kenyan Sprinter Defends Himself Against Doping Allegations

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Kenyan Sprinter Mark Otieno has come out to defend himself concerning the drug substance found in his test.Otieno was on Saturday barred from competing in the 100m men’s heat at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after he allegedly tested positive for a banned substance. This made him to be whipped out from the list before the kick off.

Posting on his twitter account, he revealed that he will need further assessment to be done on the sample used after he appealed. Kenyans are now hoping that they may re-test and come out with a quick solution.With the Kenyan team having not done a good job, hopes were vanished away when that news came.

The athletics team Kenya had already warned and tested all the players of dropping. Should Mark be found to have dropped, then a fine of 2 to 5 years out of the competitions and also they could even take it to lifetime depending on how they will handle it. Kenyans remain disappointed with the way the country has failed to perform well in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

As a country it's name has gone down in the recent years following many of the athleties being found in the same situation. It's a matter of time let us wait and see what will happen after the appealing.

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