After Lai Mohammed said the coup against Gowon caused Nigeria's insecurity, Reno Omokri reacts


In recent times, Nigeria has experienced a lot of attacks from bandits as well as other insurgents like the Boko Haram terrorist sect. Also, it seems kidnapping has become the order of the day, people get kidnapped while they are travelling, secondary school students were kidnapped some times back, and recently, university students have been kidnapped and killed by bandits.

Let us also not forget that we also have had records of some religious and ethnic clashes in some areas of Nigeria in recent times.

Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture, aired his opinion on the cause of insecurity in Nigeria, he blamed it on the 1975 coup that occurred where Gowon was overthrown by Murtala Mohammed. He mentioned that Gowon planned to make education free for primary school children, but he was unable to carry out his plans due to the coup, Lai Mohammed also stated that most of the children were recruited into terrorist groups.

Reno Omokri also decided to talk about what Lai Mohammed said concerning the cause of insecurity in Nigeria, he stated that Lai Mohammed blames the coup against Gowon for Nigeria's insecurity challenge and that was also the reason why people didn't educate their children, however, Reno Omokri added that President Good luck Ebele Jonathan built 165 almajiri schools and he asked how many almajiri schools the present government has built.

Below is a screenshot of Reno Omokri's post on Twitter.

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