Prof Makau Mutua Speaks After Ruto Meets Rift Valley Leaders, Challenges Senior Counsel Ahmednasir


Renowned Law Professor Makau Mutual has challenged Senior Counsel Ahmednasir after the Deputy President William Ruto met with the Rift Valley leaders earlier today.

The Rift Valley leaders discussed a number of economic factors for the betterment of the region. A committee of fourteen people was decided upon and will go round all the counties in the region collecting views from the people and the leaders towards gearing up the economic growth of the region, a list which will be forwarded to the DP.

The Mt Kenya region also conducted a similar meeting in which they discussed economic growth of the region. A list of discussed economic pillars in the region will be channeled to the DP who will use the blueprints during his reign if he makes it to the presidency.

Makau Mutua claimed that this was a great awakening of the Hustler's "national" politics and wondered when Ahmednasir would lead his tribe to seek for their share.

"GEMA leaders will Give DP William Ruto a list of ECONOMIC demands. The Kalenjin vow to do the same. A GREAT start for HUSTLER 'national' politics. I wonder when Ahmednasir would lead the Somali to the DP yo beg for their own breadcrumbs," he tweeted.