Parents Encountered Difficult Economic Times As Students Return To School

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Bookstores and school uniform stores record high number of attendees despite parents lamenting the difficult economic times.

“I have been able to get a few things for my son because of financial problems. I hope the school authorities will let him in as I struggle to find more to buy the rest, ”said Jane Wairimu, a Kitale parent.

Many parents were interviewed about the challenges of raising money to meet their children's education costs.

“I have been struggling to raise money for my two children and it is difficult for me. I work at a theater in Kitale, but my salary is not good because of Covid-19. I don't know how to raise the required amount, ”said John Maina.

In Nandi, parents who spoke to media comments on though economic times that made it difficult to make a living. Gladys Kosgei, said she did not have enough money to buy everything the school needed.

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