Photos: These Four Cartoons Show How The World Has Changed Between 1995 And 2020


A Twitter user posted four cartoons that show how technology and globalization changed the world in a short period. The cartoons also showed the advantages and disadvantages of technology in today's world.

One of the cartoons shows that globalization has influenced culture and beliefs across the globe. For instance, drawing a tattoo was taboo in Nigeria a few years ago, many Nigerians now see tattoos as a fashion because of the influence of Western celebrities in the country.

Also, parents always punish their wards for playing soccer some years back, parents now buy a football for their children and encourage them to play it. This is because of the influence of European football leagues and the lifestyle of footballers, soccer is now a very lucrative game.

Another picture shows how the telephone united the family in 1995, not everyone has access to it. However, the mobile phone has divided the family in today's world, everyone now focuses on their phone.

The four cartoons have generated different reactions on social media, many users said the problem of the world is technology, while others argued against it.