Your Neck Like Angry Giraffe, Twitter User Goes Hard At Blogger Ameyaw Debrah

Insulting and assaulting celebrities on social media platforms off late seems to be rampant in our Ghanaian entertainment industry. Celebrities like Selly Gally and others have been assaulted on social media many times. The recent assault on social media is between a Twitter user and famous blogger Ameyaw Debrah. Blogger Ameyaw Debrah alleged that rapper AMG Medical is using fake Rolex watches costing $10000 and for that matter social media users are busting him for spending such huge money on fake Relex watches. This tweet didn’t sink well in the ears of the rapper AMG Medical and he decided to reply Ameyaw telling him that fake Rolex can pay for his rent for five years. 

The comment section of the post on Ameyaw Debrah’s Twitter handle shows a Twitter user descending heavily on Ameyaw Debrah. “That @ameyaw Debrah nigga he do him neck like angry giraffe” the Twitter user poured insult on Ameyaw Debrah. However he took it cool