Date Rush: If Quecy rejected Frema for this reason then he shouldn't have come to the show [Opinion]


Basically, love is something everybody deserves so long as we are humans. Since the time TV 3 Date Rush was launched till now, we understand that the show is not staged in any way. If that is the case, anyone that appears on the show have it mind that, he or she is going to find a genuine love which begins with a serious relationship.

In Season 5 episode 7, Quecy who is among the ten gentlemen looking for love made some revelations which clearly means he is not ready to settle down. When Frema came on stage, Quecy's rush was on until her third profile video was played. Immediately after the video, Quecy off his rush. This made Giovani Caleb probe in and find out why he took that decision at the latter part.

In the Video, Frema said he is looking forward to find his dream man and probably get married to. This particular statement put Quecy off and made him to change his decision. He said Frema wants to marry and he is not ready for that. If that is the case, Quecy should have waited for the time he is ready before coming to the show. Ideally, proper relationships leads to marriage so in my opinion, if Quecy thinks he is not ready for now, coming on a show that main purpose is to find love wasn't an option for him.


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