No Informal trading in a place or area in contravention of prohibition

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Buya Mthetho High Visibility block patrol conducted by JMPD officers is the JHB CBD. No person may conduct informal trading in a place or area in contravention of any prohibition Or restriction approved by the council.

The JMPD together with the Buya Mthetho organization were working hand in hand today in eviction of illegal informal trader in Johannesburg.

JMPD spokesperson said the area is crowded with illegal informal traders, it makes the city to be in a state where high crime occurs without anyone being aware. People sell drugs in this area disguised as informal traders or selling sweet and fruits and vegetables while running drug business.

According to the information fake cloths were discovered by the JMPD officers, during eviction. Such as brand of Nike and Adidas the State isn't aware of such business conditions in the area. Before one puts his own goods to sell he or she must start from the council for a permit that will grant permission.

The good must also be user friendly and South African products.

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