The Questions that no female could answer when they stood before God's Judgement. (Be warned)


A pastor of Truth-to-Heaven Ministries has narrated what he observed when Jesus took him to heaven to reveal certain things unto him. The incident he found out was one of the most fearful incidents ever, ‘the Judgement of God.’

In the spirit, pople who had just died on earth stood in a queue awaiting Judgement. Their number was huge as they stood there fearfully. Then a voice from the Throne called a certain woman in-front. When she came, I saw her earthly deeds on the screen.

As I watched the screen, I found out that she was indeed a dark person but had bleached her skin to some sort of cheeky colour. Though she was the first person to be called, it was an angel who approached her and asked her some questions.

With her, the first thing the angel said was ‘where is the natural colour the Lord gave to you?’ The lady stood still without saying anything because she wore and died with wig on her head. Since she could noy answer, the angel asked her again ‘why did you use your own knowledge to change the true knowledge god used to create you?’

She stood there but could not give any answer. And because she could not answer, a Mighty voice from He who sat on the Throne commanded ‘Depart (to Hell) you worker of iniquity.'

Then the voice another woman, she came in-front of the queue. Again, the Lord had no time for her just as it happened with the first lady.So, the angel stepped in and said unto her, ‘where is the glory the Lord gave to you?’

Well, she stood there quiet without an answer. The angel continued ‘where is the natural hair that God gave to you?’ She also stood still but could not answer. And because she could not answer, a Mighty voice from He who sat on the Throne commanded ‘Depart (to Hell) you worker of iniquity.’

Another lady came in-front of the queue. When I watched the sort of life she lived on earth on the screen, I realized that she had used artificial eye contact to change her eye colour. When the angel asked her why she did that, she could not answer. Then a Mighty voice from He who sat on the Throne commanded ‘Depart (to Hell) you worker of iniquity.’

Another woman stepped up when called upon. Then the angel said unto her ‘the Lord gave you this body as a treasure to cover it so it may bear good fruit to the Glory of God and His Name. He gave it to you because it was a treasured possession. Why did you not cover it well?’

She stood there without answering. And because she could not answer, a Mighty voice from He who sat on the Throne commanded ‘Depart (to Hell) you worker of iniquity.’ As the pastor stood there observing the incident, it was indeed sorrowful and fearful.

Narrating the incident to his church congregation on one Sunday morning, the Pastor at Truth-to-Heaven ministries explained that one lady was condemned because she did not dress to the Glory of God; another was condemned because she changed her eye colour while the other lady was condemned because she tampered with the Natural hair God gave to her and the other one was condemned because she bleached. 

Why should you end up in Hell over these petty petty issues? You have a nice face yet you decide to mock God by Painting it. Is your face a house to be painted? When you think you look beautiful by applying your make-ups, in the realm of the spirit, it is faeces or toilet you are spreading on your face. 

Again, is it difficult to get a dress to cover your body well? The demon of Nudity is doing a great job by drawing lots of females to Hell. You cannot have the Nudity tag on you and make it to heaven, that is impossible BECAUSE Being Nude is a feature of the devil.

Females with natural hair attract me a lot, it is the best. Yet, females prefer to use false hair that are mostly from the under-sea world, to improve upon their beauty. Any hair on your head that is not your natural hair ONLY will likely send you to Hell because those fake attachments are properties of the devil.

Today, you have read a message where a lady who once lived on earth was asked WHERE IS THE NATURAL HAIR GOD GAVE TO YOU? Tomorrow will be your turn to answer.