A man burns neighbour's cow after being denied a cup of milk and surrenders to police


Some youths are good and hardworking. They struggle everyday to get money to buy basic needs such us food, clothes and shelter. Furthermore, others invest in different projects such as farming or business.

On the other hand, there are some youths who like using drugs. They use different drugs such as bhang, tobbaco and alcohol. After using these drugs, they normally do unthinkable acts to both human beings and animals. These unthinkable acts include, killing animals or causing injuries to animals or human beings.

Accordingly from the source, a young man from Nyamira revealed to kill a female cow. The man did unthinkable act at night when his neighbour was asleep. The man burnt the cow after been denied a cup of milk.

The man later surrendered himself to the police station and revealed what triggered him to do unbelievable act.

This is very sad and the suspect should be jailed accordingly from the law of our country.

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