'Mum And I Went To Babu Wa Lollyondo' In Tz For HIV Cure But This Happened To Us' Woman Confesses


Meet Doreen Moraa who has never tested for HIV/AIDS in her life. She and her younger brother were born HIV positive by discordant parents. She reveals that she was medically diagnosed with the virus at 21 years ago after she became sickly.

At that time information about the virus was scanty and even the doctors who predicted doom for her life. Sadly, her little brother died the same year he was diagnosed. This made the parents very hopeless and they thought she was going to die.

Years later when doctors introduced her to ARV’s they warned her not to tell any one that she was living with HIV because at the time stigma was a peak.

When Doreen heard about ‘Babu wa Lollyondo’ a self proclaimed traditional healer, she convinced her mother to go get the mysterious herb that the healer was giving. After consuming the herb, she stopped taking her ARV’s.

This adversely affected her health and her viral load sky rocketed. After 2 years she had a pneumonia attack and after getting treated she was out back on her medication.

Today, Doreen affirms that in 2021 testing positive for HIV is not a death sentence and that people should not stigmatize the victims. Comment, Share, Like and Follow for more stories.

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