What Really keeps A man in A Relationship


Understanding a man has never been simple over the past decades when it comes to relationships issues.

As a lady you really need to go deeper,go deeper to find his interests,dislikes,what keeps his mood among others.

it is quite interesting to note the following:

1:Virginity does not keep a man

2;Sex does not keep a Man

3;Money does not keep a man

4;A man is a chaser,He chases what he admires

5: A man can have sex with you and the next minute he calls the woman he loves

6:You can Shower him with so much money and gifts and he'll use that money and gifts to bumber the lady he's dying for

7:He can promise 10 girls the world and marriage and ends up breaking their hearts for the one he loves

8: Sex is not love to men,be a woman who values herself

Be woman who chases after her vision

Be a woman of passion and character

Be a woman with attitude and courteousness.

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