"Obasanjo must see this"-Few Weeks After Making Imitation Makeup of Black Panther See Her New Makeup

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A Facebook lady who is known by most people as jonet_makeover or Richard Jane has been known by many for her wonderful imitation makeup. She has been storming lots of Facebook users with her makeup which she is very good at.

The lady is so good with what she does to the extent that most of her makeups are imitations of celebrities and public figures in our society.

Richard Jane is a make-up artiste but different from other make-up artistes which most of us all know. She is known for making look alike makeup of celebrities, she does makeup on her face to look like them.

Of the imitation makeup she has done is that of Davido, and also that of Buhari. She has also done other ones like that of Don Jazzy and many other people.

No doubt Richard Jane is indeed a lady with a rare talent. She has being proving herself worthy of being unique and different from others.

I've also gathered some of the wonderful imitation makeup she has done. Let's check them out.

See some of her works below.

Even after the death of the famous actor of Black Panther, whose name we all know to be Chadwick Boseman, Jane went ahead to do an imitation makeup of him.

No doubt, Jane Richard is a pure talent.

Few weeks after she made the imitation makeup of Black Panther, Jane has gone ahead to make another imitation makeup of Nigeria's former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. The makeup was mouth watering as well. Jane made the makeup of him on her face, putting all her possible best to make it look exactly like him. She them posted it on her Facebook page, and accompanied it with few stories from her childhood days, as she claims that Chief Obasanjo was the first Nigerian President she grew up to know.

See her post below.

Undoubtedly, she is a talent.

See some comments below.

A lady after seeing this makeup of Obasanjo couldn't help but comment that "Obasanjo must see this".

This girl is really very good. She deserves to be celebrated.

What's your say on this?

Please, drop your comment for her.

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