Kenyans Praises Martha Karua for Representing the man Accused of Authoring Uhuru's Warning poster


Mother Karua has left so many people in joy after taking her time to represent Mwalimu Mutemi wa Kiama who was arrested over the viral poster about President Uhuru Kenyatta. In this poster this man was requesting the International monetary fund not to give any loan to the Kenyan Government. Spreading this poster through the social media has led to this man being arrested.

It's just few days after the disbursement of 257 billion that the president had borrowed fron IMF to enable the country to fight COVID-19 pandemic. So many Kenyans have posted against this loan through the standard nation since they fear that inflation may hit the country. This man was arrested and taken to court on Wednesday where Martha Karua stood with him.

Last year the country has borrowed about 900 billions more money to fight this virus. This means that the county has been borrowing alot of money now amounting to 1.2 trillion. It is wise to respect the leadership of the country since the leaders are chosen by God. Always avoid getting into trouble or the wrong side of the law through your actions.

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