Interesting Story Of A Plot With 66 Churches In Nairobi

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Undoubtedly Kenyans can be classified as very religious people evidenced by the vast number of religious institutions and centers spread across the entire country.

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Here is an interesting story of a plot in Uthiru right at the boundary of Kiambu and Nairobi counties where a total of 66 churches stand out.

From a distance, the structures are seen as a shanty settlement, conspicuously lying next to one of Nairobi's industrious highways with heavy traffic Waiyaki way.

On closer scrutiny, it is only when one would realize that Kosovo is anything but an ordinary place. This is more for the fact that there are more churches than anything else in the area.

One of the locals in the area who is a member of Repentance and Holiness Church, Bishop Joseph Ambani narrated the history of Kosovo and how the churches in the area came into existence, and how they have been operating harmoniously for Almost a decade now.

Speaking with Pulse Magazine, Bishop Ambani said that the name Kosovo is associated with an unsafe area, a place of chaos and war. Joseph recalled back how the area was known to be a den of thieves, a harbor of drug abusers, and a place of general insecurity

The Bishop recounted how the New Uthiru market was turned into taprooms forcing traders to flee the area in fear of their customer's safety. The traders who had already established their structures were also forced to abandon their shops. This made the few locals who had remained behind to begin subdividing the land and settling on them.

However, the majority of those who settled into Kosovo were known offenders, transforming the once fresh-produce market into a crime metropolis. Bishop Ambani and other few preachers who had remained in the area continued to minister to the criminals who later converted to Christianity or left the area.

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This is how the place was flooded with churches seven years later, today. Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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