Zora Citizen TV: Alma Pushes Kwame To The Hardest Decision Any Man Can Make, See How


Ever since Kwame revealed that he can't sire children, all troubles in his marriage were rendered meaningless but this was made to be main issue. No peace, no joy no fun. Only quarrelling could be heard from these newly married couple. What am sure is that Alma wasn't in hurry to get a child since she loved her acting career so much. On the side of Kwame, he actually became patient on her as a way of respecting and honouring his wife despite of much pressure from his patents. 

The fact is non of the family members including Madiba the smart guy has realized about this crisis. Looking the behavior of Alma after the bad news, she had been consistently pushing Kwame to reveal the secret to his parents so that they should stop blaming her for refusing to get pregnant. However, in the next episode that you are just about to watch, you will see these new couple struggling to get the better decision after finding the reason why they are in danger if they remain childless.

In the next episodes, you will see Alma making a very serious demand from Kwame. "I want a baby" Alma said to Kwame. She continued that she is aware that they can't get a child but there is much importance to get at least one. This was because if he stays without a child, only Madiba will be made the heir while he will be less considered. It was hard to decide from the first conversation because Alma claimed that she can't afford to fake pregnancy or go in exile after adoption.

While the above mentioned options became impossible, the remaining possible option after Kwame agreeing was that Alma to get pregnant from another man but not her ex boyfriend. This must be the hardest decision any man can make in life. Looking at Kwame's face, you could shade tears for anyone could see how heart broken he was. 

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