Road Accidents Have Killed More People Than Covid-19 - Ghanaians React To Gory Accident This Morning


The deadly Coronavirus has been with us almost about a year now and as at 21st February 2021, the death toll stood at 588. It appears we get new cases of the Covid-19 everyday so all our attention is shifted to the virus leaving other causes of death. Reports indicate that over 1,500 people passed on through road accidents between January and September 2020. This is three times the number of Covid-19 cases we have recorded over the period.

Whiles we are still struggling to defeat the virus, sad news from Akyem Asafo indicate that about 16 people are reported dead of a gory incident this morning with several others in critical condition after VIP buses crashed. Many Ghanaians after seeing the pictures below attributed most road accidents in the country to poor roads and authorities neglecting their responsibilities of organizing checks and barriers on our high way roads.

The accident this morning is so horrific that the buses has been turn into pieces leaving a lot of blood at the scene. The place looks like an action movie scene where the people mashed together. This according to some Ghanaians cannot happen at a place where there is dual lane. They argued that we have a lot of resources as a country but because of mismanagement of politicians, we are always begging foreign countries for aids and loans to construct our roads.

We have been exporting our gold, diamonds, bauxite, timber among others but we are always begging the White-man to come and develop our country for us. These 16 Ghanaians dead may be breadwinners of their family. What are their wives, children, mothers, fathers and loved ones going to feed on after their death? It is time our leaders knows that, it is not only Coronavirus which is deadly, there was more dangerous act in this country leading to death before the coming of the Coronavirus.

Ministry of roads and highways needs to links up with the security agencies to ensure that drivers do not drink and drive, unnecessary over speeding, over taking of drivers will be minimized. There should be enough check points on our highways to check for over speeding of vehicles.


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