Mamlambo exit Uzalo to join Politics

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Gugu Gumede's time with Uzalo coming to an end after an illustrious career on our small screen. Tye alleged kidnapping of baby Smangaliso is set to end prophetess Mamlambo behind bars. Mamlambo plan to hide baby Smangaloso from the public is set to collapse in her face after the gossip brigade of Madongwe and Gladys ma Madlala unearthed the truth.

Despite effort of conceal the truth , the gossip brigade came to Mamlambo's house prepare to play the detective roles and overstayed their welcome. Madongwe dialed Mamlambo's phone number to prove if she really had a crying baby ringing tone. The crying baby will prompt the two to report the matter to the police .

It's well documented and spoiled that Mamlambo together with Hlelo will end up behind bars. Mamlambo get horrified to learn that her good heart of picking up an abandoned baby will land her to a maximum of 15 years in prison.

Gugu Gumede is rumored to have dumped Uzalo and follow her mother's footsteps on joining politics.

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