Bad News For Kenyans On Covid-19 Virus As Gov't Holds Testing Kit's At Port


President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo courtesy

Kenyans are currently struggling with covid-19 pandemic. Several counties are struggling to sustain it's people through testing, contact tracing and even isolation expenses where necessary. President Uhuru Kenyatta recently ordered thirteen counties to observe more strict protocols due to high numbers of covid-19 virus reported there. One of those counties is Kisumu which has been experiencing high numbers on a daily basis.

Well, as the Virus continue to cause havoc. Kenyans have received rather hard hitting news that is not good at all. According to the standard newspaper. Several covid-19 virus testing Kit's are being held by the government at the coast region port. The motive of holding them despite shortage of the kits has not been determined, but those who spoke to the media Claimed that, the kits arrived in the country two weeks ago but were taken to government stores without explanations instead of distribution to counties.

Counties such as Mombasa and Kakamega are suffering due to shortage of the said Kit's. It's Claimed that Mombasa county is now depending on kilifi Kemri center for testing Making it hard to do contact tracing and other measures. Kakamega is also forced to use private facilities in testing, something that is expensive and can't be maintained by patients there.