2 Diabetes Symptoms Hiding in Your Body Without You Knowing

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the term diabetes covers several different metabolic disorders which, if left untreated, result in abnormally high levels of a sugar called glucose in the blood

 Symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be so mild that you don't notice them.

 In every 10 people diagnosed with diabetes, 8 do not know they have the disease. So how do you know?

Diabetes Symptoms (Type 2):

 1. * Hunger and fatigue - when cells resist the insulin produced by the body, glucose cannot be used to provide the body with energy

 2. * Frequent urination and thirst - the average person urinates 4-7 times a day, but people with diabetes walk much more. This is because the kidney cannot they process excess sugar in the blood, causing the body to make more urine.

 3. * Drying in the mouth and skin * - this is because the body uses its fluids to drain other organs in the urine

 4. * Blurred vision - caused by low energy levels and lack of water in the body

 5. * Slow healing of wounds / cuts * - it happens when the blood sigar is not well managed over time. It affects blood flow and nerves, making it harder for the body to heal wounds

 6. * Yeast infections - both for men and women. The excess glucose allows the yeast to develop in the warm and moist skin folds

 7. * Unplanned weight loss, because the body does not get energy from food, it uses its energy reserves instead.

 * BF Sum products: Pure & Broken, Gluck gone and Gluck blocker * For diabetic patients facing severe

 challenges: incl.

1. Slow wound healing

2. Insulin resistance even while taking medications

3. Liver overloaded due to numerous conventional medications that are taken

4. Poor sleep quality

5. Low immunity Treatment requires a combination of BF Sum supplements. This is where * Pure & Broken comes into play to fix the following problems: 

1. Increasing the use of insulin. Antioxidant P&B capacity helps cells to utilize insulin produced

 2. Protects the liver - long-term drug can slow down the work of the liver or cause fatty liver disease. We introduce P&B to nourish and rebuild the liver function

3. Immune booster - improves digestion and growth

 wound healing immunity ...

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