Isaac Mwaura and Jemutai The Comedian Share One Thing In Common

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Isaac Mwaura is a politician, disability advocate and former nominated senator in the senate, representing those with disabilities. He is married to Nelia Mukami and blessed with one daughter. Jemutai is a comedian, she entertains her fans at Churchill show. Of recent she has been crying for help after being dumped by her boyfriend prof. Hammo. Currently, she seems to have regained the peace of mind after the issue had been sorted out. She is blessed with two kids.

Jemutai and Isaac Mwaura share the same birthday. According to jemutai's post on Facebook, she says that she is turning 30. She says 'Goodbye 20s”. She is happy to get into the “third floor”. Isaac Mwaura is turning 39. Exactly 9 years older than jemutai.Here are the best wishes by the fans.

Fans can't hide their happiness as prof Hammo wishes his wife a happiest birthday. He had previously rejected her but it seems after the scandal their bond became stronger. She is happy she joins the "third floor" with a husband.

On the other side, Mulamwah, churchill comedian was celebrating his 28th birthday yesterday.

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