Reasons Why The Next CJ Could Be A Woman - Opinion


As the process of looking for the suitable person to take up the position of the chief justice continues next week, several lawyers have faced the panel this week with the only women being Professor Patricia Kameri and Judge Martha Koome.

Professor Patricia Kameri has practised law for thirty years having studied law at the University of Nairobi, the university of Warwick, the university of Zimbabwe and Stanford Law school where she earned her doctorate. During his interview, she articulated issues with a lofty Confidence and prowess in law.

The second woman on the list was judge Martha Koome. Justice Koome holds a Bachelor and Master of Law degree from University of Nairobi. She has heavily engaged in civil society work, focusing on human rights advocacy and especially on the rights of Children and women. She has served the national council for administration of Justice as Chairperson of Special task force on children where she led efforts to identify and highlight the plight of children in the Justice System. She appears so brainy in law and Kenya's Constitution.

On my own opinion, Justice Martha Koome outwits Professor Patricia Kameri and could emerge the winner in this Chief Justice Position.

The Chief justice position was left vacant by the official retirement of Chief Justice David Kenani Maraga. He is considered as one of the best justice ever during his reign and the person who will succeed him should be versed and experienced in Law.

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