Matatu Owners Dismiss Mutahi Kagwe's Directives

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Matatu owners association through their chairperson Simon Kimutai,has issued a statement in response to health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe's directives.

Matatu owners chairperson Simon Kimutai further told health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe that their businesses were private enterprises and that they should not be subjected to such government measures.

Health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe,had earlier on announced that matatu operators, conductors and passengers would be required to show proof of vaccination before being allowed to go about their businesses.

Matatu owners association chairperson Simon Kimutai was speaking during an interview with a local media station, and vowed to defy the ministry of health directives and termed it unrealistic.

Kimutai further added that health ministry made the decision without consulting the stakeholders in transport industry.The chairman further accused the government of trying to use the public sector transport to achieve its set vaccination target.

Matatu owners association chairperson Simon Kimutai further urged the government to find other incentives that will help in boosting its campaign of convincing the public to go for covid vaccine.

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